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Bidding Opportunities

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12/08/2021 10:00 AM [PHL]   Miscellaneous COF Upgrades   Moses Lake #22
12/08/2021 10:00 AM [PHL] [1] New Water Supply Well 5   Freeland #115D
12/08/2021 3:00 PM   [1] Southside Family Aquatic Facility Floor Resurfacing   Spokane Co. #107D
12/09/2021 10:00 AM     RFP for GCCM Services for Montlake ES Modernization   Seattle #101D
12/09/2021 2:00 PM   [1][2] Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church Parish Center   Peshastin #9
12/09/2021 2:00 PM   [1] RFQ Architecture Design Services for Public Works OP & Maint. Facility   Pasco #7
12/09/2021 2:00 PM     ES Safety Improvements & N. 16th Ave Sidewalk Extension REBID    Yakima #130D
12/14/2021 9:30 AM [PHL]   Knowles Road Phase 2 Road Improvement Project   Wenatchee #27
12/14/2021 11:00 AM   [1][2][3] South Yakima Signal & Safety Improvements   Tacoma #124D
12/14/2021 2:00 PM   [1][2] South Kitsap High School Pool Modernization   Port Orchard #103D
12/14/2021 2:00 PM   [1][2] Wa. State School for the Blind Life Skills Training Center   Vancouver #123D
12/14/2021 3:00 PM [PHL] [1][2][3] Student Services & Instructions Bldg   Aberdeen #110D
12/14/2021 3:00 PM   [1] RFQ General Water & Sewer Engineering Services   Kelso #126D
12/15/2021 11:00 AM [PHL] [1][2] Dodson Rd to Adams County Line Paving   Grant Co. #17
12/15/2021 2:00 PM   [1] JSCEE Central Kitchen Renovation PH 1   Seattle #116D
12/15/2021 3:00 PM [PHL] [1] Lincoln Park Renovation   Wenatchee #13
12/15/2021 3:30 PM     Elementary School Elevartor Installation   Soap Lake #23
12/16/2021 2:00 PM     LCCD Tenant Improvement REBID
  Chehalis #121D 
12/16/2021 2:00 PM [PHL]   CCPUD Rocky Reach Hydro Concrete Repairs   Chelan Co. #18
12/16/2021 3:00 PM   [1][2] Green Hill School Recreation Bldg   Chehalis #105D
12/16/2021 4:00 PM    [1][2][3] A.C. Davis High School Auditorium Upgrades   Yamika #106D
12/20/2021 1:30 PM     Unit 7 Spillway & Gate Repair   Douglas Co. #16
12/21/2021 4:00 PM     Millennium Monroe Apartments Phase 1   Spokane #131D
12/22/2021 3:00 PM     5th Ave & Railroad Ave Traffic Signal Design Project   Ellensburg #108D
12/29/2021 2:00 PM [PHL]   City of Othello Crack Seal Project 2022   Othello #113D
01/05/2022 10:00 AM [PHL]   Tana Lift Station Upgrades   Moses Lake #5
01/05/2022 11:00 AM [PHL]   NCR Bridge Patching   Multi-Co #4
01/06/2022 10:00 AM     Municipal Airport Fuel Storage   Moses Lake #20
01/11/2022 3:00 PM     DES Elevator Modernization : Plaza Garage   Olympia #118D
01/12/2022 10:00 AM     Miscellaneous Sewer Repairs   Moses Lake #8
01/26/2022 3:00 PM     Dolarway Substation Power Transformer   Ellensburg #102D
01/27/2022 10:00 AM [PHL]   Reservoir 2 Painting   Moses Lake #1


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Bid Results

12/07/2021     Building 161G AVM Facility Upgrade TBD Seattle  
12/07/2021     WSP FTA Burn Building Replacement TBD North Bend   
12/07/2021     Illinois Well Facility Winter 2021 TBD Ellensburg   
12/07/2021     SCC Building 19 HEQ Remodel TBD Spokane   
12/07/2021     RFQ Solid Waste Engineering Services Cell Department TBD Kelso   
12/07/2021     RFQ Solid Waste Engineering Services Operations TBD Kelso   
12/07/2021     RFQ Solid Waste Gas Engineering Services TBD Kelso   
12/07/2021     Wastewater Collection System Improvements TBD Selah   
12/02/2021     Comprehensive Water System Plans TBD Moses Lake  
12/02/2021     Comprehensive Wastewater System Plans TBD Moses Lake   
12/02/2021     ARFF Culvert Replacement Quigg Bro's ($1,341,921.00) Seattle   
12/02/2021     ESH Westlake Building Firestopping NO BIDS RECEIVED Medical Lake   
12/02/2021     NE Spring Boulevard 130th Ave NE - 132nd Ave NE ACI Active Constractors ($6,161,161.00) Bellevue   
12/01/2021     Water Service Meter Improvements REBID Mueller Systems ($1,230,085.70) Toppenish   
12/01/2021     WSDOT Rock Slope Scaling Scarsella Bro's ($1,909,090.00) Chelan Co.  
11/30/2021     Water Pump Station Meter & Zone 1 Replacement TBD Kennewick  
11/30/2021     SR 224 Giesen Improvement Project PH 1 Ray Poland & Sons ($358,628.42) W. Richland   
11/30/2021     North Cascades Bank - Chelan Branch TBD Chelan   
11/30/2021     LV Apartment Bldg Abatement & Demo Construction Group ($743,439.00) Medical Lake   
11/29/2021     Control & Relay Panels for Urban Industrial Substation Crown Texas ($467,566.00) Douglas Co.  
11/23/2021     Electrical Switchboards & Transformers for Bldg B & C Milne Electric ($849,900.00) Bellevue   
11/23/2021     Upper Buckley Water Quality Project Ceccanti, Inc ($6,951,266.00) Tacoma   
11/19/2021     Moderate Risk Waste Facility Retrofit Siefken & Sons Construction Kennewick   
11/19/2021     SW Moseman Ave Phase 2 Barcott Construction ($1,160,408.00) Yelm   
11/18/2021     Torbett & McPherson Water. Replacement & Rd Improvements  Apollo, Inc ($2,915,351.30) Richland   
11/18/2021     Oroville School Distrcit HVAC Replacement TBD Oroville   
11/18/2021     Water & Sewer Phase 3 Improvements Halme Construction ($2,364,376.66) Soap Lake   
11/18/2021     Pershing & Poplar Sewer Extension
TBD Wenatchee   
11/17/2021     Construct Hydrogen Production & Fueling Facility Haskell Construction ($9,118,063.03) Dougas Co.   
11/17/2021     Polyethylene Natural Gas Pipe TBD Ellensburg   
11/17/2021     CWU Health Education Center TBD Ellensburg  
11/10/2021     Electrical & Safety Improvements Performing Arts Bldg TBD Moses Lake   
11/10/2021     WWTP Digester #4 TBD Wenatchee   
11/10/2021     WSDOT Roadside Barrier Preservation Coral Construction ($635,635.00) Chelan/Kitt.   
11/10/2021     2021 Citywide Wastewater Improvements Hurst Construction ($758,058.31) Yakima   
11/09/2021     WWT Facility Operations Bldg Restoration REBID Pease & Sons ($1,935,572.55) Bridgeport  
11/09/2021     Luhr's Landing Access Pile Removal Quigg Bro's ($29,700.00) Olympia   
11/09/2021     Supply 40 1-in & 2-in Orange Fiber Optic Conduits North Coast ($981,757.60) Ephrata   
11/09/2021     Historical SD - District Maintenance Facility Improvements Pease & Son's ($1,574,642.00) Steilacoom   
11/09/2021     Tenant Improvement - Lewis County Com. Devlp No Bids Chehalis   
11/08/2021     Ohme Gardens New Stage No Bids Wenatchee   
11/04/2021     Bates Tech College S. Campus Dust Collection Replacement Regency NW Con. ($294,000.00) Tacoma   
11/03/2021     West Ahtanum Road Resurfacing American Rock Products ($1,242,232.50) Union Gap  
11/03/2021     15kV Medium Voltage Underground Distribution Cable TBD Ellensburg   
11/02/2021     Line Tree Trimming & Removal Services Basin Tree Services ($4,424,164.00) Ephrata   
11/02/2021     YVS Bldg 4 Demo AB Bldg Complex N.W. Construction ($55,018.20) Yakima   
11/02/2021     WSH Central Pharmacy Upgrades Pease Construction ($441,260.00) Lakewood   
10/28/2021     South Broadway Area Sewer Extension GSP PH3 TTC Construction ($901,982.25) Union Gap   


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