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Bidding Opportunities

Highlight = New for Jan 15th - 19th

01/16/2018 2:30 PM   CPUD 17-57 Shuttlelift DB-70T Rubber Tire Mobile Crane   Rock Island #2
01/17/2018 5:00 PM  [1][2][3] Lake City High School Additions And Upgrades   Coeur d'Alene #119D
TBD TBD   WSDOT RFQ US-12 Wildcat Creek Bridge Replacement   Yakima #102D
01/18/2018 11:00 AM   WSDOT #9199 US730 Oregon Border Rockfall   Walla Walla County #24
01/18/2018 12:00 PM   WSDOT SR240 Kingsgate Way Signalize Intersection   Benton County #3
01/23/2018 1:00 PM   WA. PARKS Riverside State Park Bowl Pitcher Cabins   Spokane #121D
01/23/2018 3:00 PM   Whitworth University Chapel Expansion   Spokane #108D
01/24/2018 11:00 AM   WSDOT #9196 I-182 Queensgate Dr-Interchange   Benton County #22
01/24/2018 11:00 AM   WSDOT #9201 SR128 Snake River Red Wolf Bridge   Asotin/Whitman #23
01/25/2018 4:00 PM   Columbia School District Elementary Addition and Renovation   Walla Walla County #122D
01/31/2018 3:00 PM   Town of Elmer City Multi Use Path Project   Elmer City #123D
02/02/2018 5:00 PM  PHL DCPUD 17-28D RFQ Design Services - Bridgeport Office Bldg. Roof Membrane Repl.   Douglas County n/a
02/07/2018 Noon   WSDOT Naches River Nelson Bridge - Bridge Painting   Yakima County #7
02/07/2018 Noon   WSDOT I82 Selah Creek EB SRA Water System Improvements Phase 2 - SCR   Yakima County #8
02/14/2018 Noon   WSDOT Northup Maintenance Facility Equipment Building    King County #9
04/19/2018 n/a  [ITB 2018] WSDOT SR530 Trafton Schoolyard Creek Fish Passage   Snohomish #120D

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Bid Results

01/11/2018     WA. PARKS Sun Lake Lift Station-No. 2 Retrofit  Superior Walls ($237,650.00) Coulee City  
01/10/2018     WSDOT NCR Pavement Rehab 2018  Central Washington Asphalt ($6,941,941.00) Chelan,Douglas,Grant  
01/10/2018     WSDOT 9188 Strategic Pavement 2018  Central Washington Asphalt ($1,389,826.30) Multi-County  
01/09/2018     CPUD 17-77 Rocky Reach Power House Septic  Apollo Mechanical ($390,138.00) Chelan County  
01/04/2018     CPUD 17-79 2018 Water Meter Installations  Capstone Structures ($379,839.00) Chelan County  
12/19/2017     Quincy High Mechanical Upgrade  Cutting Edge ($595,000.00) Quincy  
12/19/2017     Quincy High Roof Replacement  Krueger Sheet Metal ($2,129,918.00) Quincy  
12/19/2017     OCPW CRP No.9437-06 Hwy 7 Re-Bid  Selland Construction ($1,513,018.00) Okanogan County  
12/14/2017     CPUD 17-68 Lake Chelan Surge Tank Site Access Improvements  Hurst Construction ($133,565.00) Chelan County  
12/12/2017     CPUD 17-89 Rock Island Power House PH-1  Selland Construction ($1,272,080.00) Chelan County  
12/05/2017     SCC Building 16 Nursing Simulation Labs  Halme Builders, Inc. ($210,000.00) Spokane  
12/04/2017     Duportail Bridge Phase 1  Apollo, Inc. ($25,129,476.81) Richland  
11/30/2017     #E1731 UV Disinfection System Upgrade Improvements  Award Construction ($1,423,600.00) Enumclaw  
11/28/2017     SCC Building 1 Teaching and Learning Center  D.R. Scott Construction, LLC ($402,658.00) Spokane  
11/28/2017     CPUD 17-69 Rocky Reach Visitor Center  Rimmer & Roeter Construction ($311,980.00) Chelan County  
11/28/2017     Backup Well Drilling Pump Station  Gregory Drilling, Inc. ($97,271.80) Entiat  
11/27/2017     Columbia Basin College CTE Projects  Grant Construction ($105,300.00) Pasco  
11/15/2017     Eastern State Hospital Water System Pkg2  P.O.W. Contracting ($938,888.00) Medical Lake  
11/15/2017     WSDOT US730 N Oregon Border Rockfall Prevention  Rock Supremacy LLC ($3,181,000.00) Walla Walla County  

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