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Bidding Opportunities

Highlight = New for Aug 19th - Aug 23rd

08/26/2019 10:00 AM [PHL][1] Grant Rd Resurfacing - N Kentucky Ave to N Quincy Ave   Douglas County #7
08/26/2019 11:00 AM [1] Walla Walla County Courthouse Elections Department Remodel   Walla Walla #21
08/27/2019 3:00 PM [1] RFP Solid, Recycling & Organics Waste Assess. Study for the Comm. Sector   Leavenworth #24
08/27/2019 2:30 PM [PHL][1][2] CPUD Wenatchee Riverfront Boat Launch Improvements   Wenatchee #14
08/28/2019 2:00 PM [PHL] Mill Parkway Project - Stage 1A - Canal Enclosure   Yakima County #8
08/28/2019 2:00 PM [1] Metropolitan Park Dist. of Tacoma Center at Norpoint Re-Roof   Tacoma #103D
08/28/2019 3:00 PM [1][2][3]B.Change GCPUD Priest Rapids Dam Spillway Controls Upgrades   Yakima #12
08/29/2019 11:00 AM [1] City of Yakima C905 Culvert Pipe & Fittings   Yakima #9
08/29/2019 2:00 PM   Port of Pasco Tri-Cities Airport Snow Removal Equipment Procurement   Pasco #26
08/30/2019 11:00 AM [1] Biosolids Hauling & Land Application Services for the City's WWTP   Yakima #18
09/02/2019 2:00 PM [PHL] Rumblestrip Reinstallation Project   Yakima County #30
09/04/2019 11:00 AM [PHL] City of Selah Well No. 7 Redevelopment   Selah #31
09/05/2019 11:00 AM [PHL] North Wenatchee Stormwater Project   Wenatchee #15
09/05/2019 11:00 AM   RFQ PWRF Pretreatment Improvements   Pasco #101D
09/05/2019 1:00 PM   Sun Lakes/Dry Falls State Park Upgrade Water System   Grant County #29
09/05/2019 1:30 PM [PHL] CPUD Rocky Reach Tailrace Buoy Placement    Wenatchee #23
09/05/2019 2:00 PM [PHL][1][2] City of Wenatchee SSA/OHO Wenatchee Remodel   Wenatchee #4
09/05/2019 3:00 PM   Electrical Utility On Call Construction Services    Ellensburg #27
09/05/2019 3:00 PM   Admin Bldg - Monroe Correctional Complex   Monroe #104D
09/05/2019 3:00 PM [1] Centralia Readiness Center Improvements   Olympia #102D
09/06/2019 11:00 AM   Port of Chelan County CTC HVAC Replacement Project   Wenatchee #32
09/06/2019 4:00 PM   Trout Unlimited Barkley Irrigation Company Pump Station   Twisp #5
09/09/2019 10:00 AM   VOA Hope House   Spokane #116D
09/10/2019 2:00 PM   WWCC Student Recreation Center   Walla Walla #28
09/11/2019 2:30 PM [PHL] CPUD Water Meter Installation   Wenatchee #1
09/11/2019 3:00 PM   DAS System Plaza Garage
  Olympia #111D
09/12/2019 11:00 AM   City of Pasco WWTP Facility Improvements   Pasco #16
09/17/2019 2:00 PM   GCPUD Wanapum Right Bank Slope Stabilization   Grant County #34
09/19/2019 2:00 PM [1-3][4]B.Change GCPUD Priest Rapids Right Embankment Improvements
  Yakima #19
09/19/2019 2:00 PM   Request for Quotation Thermoplastic Coating to Portable Water Pumps   Everett #106D
10/02/2019 2:00 PM   Wenatchee Valley College Wells Hall Replacement   Wenatchee #25
10/07/2019 1:30 PM   DCPUD Supply & Deliver Hydrogen Electrolyzer Equipment   East Wenatchee #10
---- ------   My Place Economy Extended Stay Hotel Wenatchee   Wenatchee #35
---- ------   Chelan Shore Side Sunset Marina Condos
  Chelan  #2

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Bid Results

08/23/2019     RFQ - Whitworth Univ. Health Sciences Bldg  TBD Spokane  
08/22/2019     Integrated Science & Engineering for Gonzaga University  TBD Spokane  
08/22/2019     Neselle Building TI Remodel - Bank to Medical Clinic  TBD  Neselle  
08/22/2019     GCPUD Priest Rapids Embankment Construction Water Supply  TBD Yakima  
08/22/2019     Wenatchee public Library Modernization Project  MH Construction - Results Not Available Yet -  Wenatchee  
08/22/2019     Port of Moses Lake Pavement Replacement   Central WA. Asphalt ($433,758.00)  Moses Lake  
08/22/2019     WSSDA Headquarters Office Bldg Replacement  Christensen, Inc ($3,195,000.00)  Olympia  
08/21/2019     City of Winlock SE 1st Street Improvements  Reed Trucking & Excavation ($1,504,485.00) Winlock  
08/21/2019     City of Issaquah Exterior Painting of CXT Restrooms in City Parks  TBD  Issaquah  
08/21/2019     City of Moses Lake Westlake Lift Station Upgrade  POW Contracting ($252,962.64) Moses Lake  
08/20/2019     Grant County Road District No. 3 Shop Repairs  Blews Construction ($1,493,000.00) Quincy  
08/20/2019     GCPUD Rehab. Priest Rapids/Wanapum Dam Foundation Drain Holes  Agaptio Associates ($567,600.00)  Grant County  
08/20/2019     WDFW Roses Lakes Access Paving  Central WA Asphalt ($162,250.00)  Manson  
08/20/2019     Yakima County Summitview Rd & Yakima Valley Hwy Overlay  Columbia Asphalt ($1,237,184.75)  Yakima  
08/20/2019     Washington State History Musuem - Replace Auditorium Seating  CFC Construction ($139,271.00) Seattle  
08/20/2019     WWTP Snowmelt & Old Clarifier Demolition Project  Pipkin Construction ($149,071.68)  Wenatchee  
08/20/2019     City of Liberty Lake Orchard Park - Pavilion Rebid  TBD Liberty Lake  
08/20/2019     Request for Quotes - Asphalt Patch Repairs  TBD  Libery Lake  
08/19/2019     Douglas County For Sale of Surplus Real Property  TBD Waterville  
08/19/2019     Trout Meadows Side Channel & Floodplain Restoration Project  James Dean Const. ($284,055.38) Yakima County  
08/16/2019     WWTP Grit Removal System - Removal/Replacement  Award Construction ($218,968.00) Leavenworth  
08/16/2019     Old Navy & Guiter Center - Franklin Park  TBD  Spokane  
08/16/2019     DCPUD Cyber System Conf. Monitoring & Management Solution  TBD  East Wenatchee  
08/15/2019     City of Woodinville City Hall Window Cleaning  Metropolitain Bldg Maintenance Woodinville  
08/15/2019     UW Medicine Valley Medical Center - Renton Landing Expansion  TBD  Renton  
08/15/2019     B.P.I.C Fire Admin. Bldg (T-1) HVAC Upgrades  TBD Pasco  
08/14/2019     Walla Walla Community College Clarkston Legacy Project  Wellens Farwell, Inc (1,085,122.00) Walla Walla  
08/13/2019     City of Camas NW Brady Road Improvements  Rotschy, Inc ($5,684,212.54) Camas  
08/12/2019     DCPUD Supply & Deliver Tubular Poles for Rapids Switchyard  General Pacific ($68,750.00) East Wenatchee  
08/09/2019     RFQ GC/CM Services for New Hospital for Samaritan Healthcare  TBD Moses Lake  
08/08/2019     City of Pasco Irrigation Pump Station  Apollo ($8,048,615.76)  Pasco  
08/08/2019     City of Moses Lake Pioneer Sidewalk, Curb & Catch Basins  Simmons&Son Contrac. ($364,098.01) Moses Lake  
08/07/2019     City of Soap Lake Ginkgo Street & FEMA Repairs  TBD Soap Lake  
08/07/2019     City of Moses Lake ADA Ramp & Stormwater Upgrades  Cutting Edge Earthwo. ($414,825.00)  Moses Lake  
08/07/2019     City of Moses Lake Coolidge Water Main Installation  Gray Excavation ($204,151.40)  Moses Lake  
08/07/2019     Student Recreation Center Walla Walla Community College  Big D's ($528,720.00)  Walla Walla  
08/07/2019     WSH Bldg 21 Anti-Ligature Shower Renovations  EMTech ($605,752.55)  Olympia  
08/07/2019     Consultants for Eval. of Corrosion Control on Natural Gas Systems  TBD  Ellensburg  
08/06/2019     2019 Chip Seal - Knob Hill, Klondike Rd & Clark Ave  Granite Construction ($249,452.00) Republic  
08/06/2019     2019 Chip Seal - Ives & North Street   A&W Paving ($74,450.00)  Pateros  
08/06/2019     2019 Chip Seal - Douglas & Lincoln Street  Central WA Asphalt ($125,137.50) Coulee City  
08/06/2019     Grant County Rd 5-NW & U-NW Overlay Project  Central WA Asphalt ($2,118,000.00)  Ephrata  
08/06/2019     WDFW Skagit Wildlife Area Fir Island Dike Repair Trico ($84,500.00)  Olympia  
08/06/2019     RFQ Lake Chelan Community Hospital & Clinics Replacement Project  TBD  Lake Chelan  
08/06/2019     City of Selah Naches Ave & 1st Street Sidewalk Improvements  Granite Construction ($79,329.00) Selah  
08/02/2019     RFQ Gesa Stadium Improvements Design Services  TBD Pasco  
08/02/2019     City of Liberty Lake Harvard Road Preservation Project  Shamrock Paving ($329,479.00) Liberty Lake  
08/01/2019     Rocky Reach Central Maintenance Support Facilities  TBD Wenatchee  
08/01/2019     CCPUD Rock Island Dam Barge Berth Improvements  Pipkin Construction ($585,000.00)  Rock Island  
08/01/2019     City of Wenatchee Saddle Rock Phase 1  DW Excavation ($299,344.77) Wenatchee  
08/01/2019     City of Wenatchee Poplar Ave Sanitary Sewer Extension  DJB Construction ($180,112.02) Wenatchee  
08/01/2019     City of Grand Coulee 2019 FEMA Street Repair  CWA ($292,575.00) Grand Coulee  


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