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Bidding Opportunities

Highlight = New for Oct 16th - 20th

10/20/2017 2 PM  Updated Plans! | New Bid Date Dragoo Riverwalk Office Park   Wenatchee #22
10/25/2017 2 PM  [1] Bid Change (not on addendum) YVC Engineering Physics Center   Yakima #117D
11/02/2017 4:00 PM  [1],[2] Bid Change CPUD 17-53 Rock Island Storage Bldg.   Malaga #9
10/24/2017 6 PM  [1r],[2r],[3],[4],[5],[6],[7] New Quincy High School   Quincy #14
10/20/2017 2 PM  [1],[2],[3]+Q&A+NewQA GCPUD 130-07692 Mountain View Access Road   Grant County #18
10/24/2017 10:45 AM   OKCPW 2017 Gravel Crushing Supply Project Re-Bid   Okanogan #20
10/24/2017 2:30 PM   CPUD 17-22 Supply Rough Terrain Forklift   Chelan County #24
10/25/2017 1 PM  [1],[2] GCPUD 430-07770 Crescent Bar Water Stage   Crescent Bar #15
10/26/2017 5 PM  [1 - 5],[6]+Postponed East Valley HS Modernization   Yakima #121D
10/31/2017 1:30 PM   GCPW 16-04 Dodson Road Overlay CRP   Grant County #19
10/31/2017 2:30 PM   CPUD 17-31 Hawley Shop Transformer Testing System   Chelan County #17
11/01/2017 11 AM   WSDOT 9163 US730 Rockfall Prevention   Walla Walla County #23
11/08/2017 11 AM   WSDOT 9164 Easton to Ellensburg VIC Paving   Kittitas County #13
11/15/2017 3 PM   Eastern State Hospital Water System Pkg2   Medical Lake #116D
11/30/2017 n/a   WSDOT SR530 Trafton Schoolyard Creek Fish Passage   Snohomish #120D

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Bid Results

10/13/2017     RFQ Sullivan Wellesley Intersection Improvement  TBD Spokane  
10/12/2017     WSP 2016-197G Fire Training Academy Kitchen  Star Construction ($693,000.00) North Bend  
10/11/2017     Kennewick School District Tri-Tech Center  TBD Kennewick  
10/10/2017     Fire Restoration Karen Lane Apartments  Bid Packet changes - all bids disqualified Ephrata  
10/09/2017     DCPUD 17-16-W Directional Drilling HDPE Pipe Railroad  Trenchless Construction ($69,700.00) Douglas County  
10/06/2017     GENSCO Building  TBD Kennewick  
10/5/2017     Wenatchee Hilton Garden Inn  TBD Wenatchee  
10/04/2017     Sprouts Landlord Work 9-28  TBD Mill Creek  
10/03/2017     Methow Valley School District Projects RE-BID  Halme Builders ($1,100,000.00) Twisp  
10/02/2017     DCWA Feil Place Canal Crossing  Hurst Construction ($139,380.00) Douglas County  
09/28/2017     Chief Kamiakin ES Freezer Rebid  Chervenell Construction ($438,900.00) Sunnyside  
09/28/2017     Aspen Dental Rebid - Wenatchee  TBD East Wenatchee  
09/26/2017     WSDA Tenant Improvements  TBD East Wenatchee  
09/25/2017     DCPUD 17-01-W Upgrade Gantry Crane  Whiting Services, Inc. ($7,174,840.00)* Wells Hydro  
17-35 Rock Island Powerhouse Water System (NDA)
 Strider Construction ($1,948,170.00) Chelan County  
09/20/2017     Moses Lake Sidewalk and Ramp Repair  TBD Moses Lake  

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